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Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Calgary is dedicated to empowering women to excel, influence and lead throughout their commercial real estate careers.

With over 140 members, CREW Calgary offers our membership a network for professional and personal development to positively impact the commercial real estate industry by advancing the power and success of women. Founded as a non-profit society in 2005, CREW Calgary is the fourth of a growing number of Canadian chapters of the worldwide organization, CREW Network.

Our membership comprises some of the most influential, enterprising and energetic professionals in Commercial Real Estate. Women willing to step up, take risks and take the lead.

CREW Calgary members represent nearly every discipline within commercial real estate including law, finance, property management, development, engineering, asset management, construction, design, brokerage and more.

CREW Calgary exists to advance women in commercial real estate. We seek opportunities for women to succeed in business, develop effective leaders, inform the industry and recruit promising young women into CRE.

Member Benefits

  • Leadership Training & Professional Development
  • Exclusive Members Only Events
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Career Outreach and Advancement
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Industry Research

Membership Qualifications

CREW Calgary membership is multidisciplinary and diverse. And in fact, we offer a variety of membership levels to ensure we maintain our broad spectrum of commercial real estate professionals. Applicants must have current direct involvement in one of the primary disciplines of commercial real estate (student members are excluded from this requirement).

"Current direct involvement" means you're:

  • currently working in and actively engaged either exclusively or primarily in commercial real estate (i.e., all or most of such person’s gainful employment or major source of income is in commercial real estate);
  • involved in promoting and contributing to the financial well being of a company;
  • in a managerial, senior level, professional, or revenue-generating position or capacity within the company;
  • in a decision-making or decision-influencing position; or
  • otherwise participating at a professional level in a qualified field of commercial real estate.

Membership Levels

  • Principal Member: Any professional meeting the above criteria with a minimum 5 years experience in commercial real estate, with at least two of the immediately preceding five years. Full members have voting privileges, can chair a committee and may serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Associate/Candidate Member: Any professional with more than two of the past five years of current direct involvement in commercial real estate. Associate members have voting privileges but cannot chair a committee or serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Affiliate (Supplier/Vendor) Member: Any professional who works in a business that provides a service or product to the commercial real estate industry. Affiliate members can attend all “members only” events, vote, and chair committees. 
  • Civic Member: Any elected official or any person employed by a local or regional government, other publicly funded agency or subdivision of the state funded with tax revenue, university or other educational institution.
  • Legacy/Retired Member: CREW members who want to remain involved in the chapter and connected to members after retirement.
  • Recent Graduate: Any recent graduate from a qualified field of commercial real estate and has less than two years of experience working within the commercial real estate field.
  • Student: Students (undergraduate) actively enrolled with in a post secondary qualified field of commercial real estate program.

2021 Membership Dues

  • Principal, Associate/Candidate: $395 + GST
  • Affiliate: $550 + GST
  • Civic & Legacy/Retired Members: $230 + GST
  • Recent Graduate: $210 + GST
  • Student: $105 + GST

* Please note that payment of annual dues is required to be made in USD.

CREW Calgary membership dues are based on calendar year terms. All memberships expire on December 31 and are non-transferable or non-refundable.

Questions about your eligibility for membership? Contact Kimberly Jensen or Catherine Grygar for more information.

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