Membership Qualifications & Levels

Membership Qualifications

CREW Calgary membership is multidisciplinary and diverse. In fact, we offer a variety of membership levels to ensure we maintain our broad spectrum of commercial real estate professionals. Applicants must have current direct involvement in one of the primary disciplines of commercial real estate (student members are excluded from this requirement).

"Current direct involvement" means you're:

  • currently working in and actively engaged either exclusively or primarily in commercial real estate (i.e., all or most of such person’s gainful employment or major source of income is in commercial real estate);
  • involved in promoting and contributing to the financial well being of a company;
  • in a managerial, senior level, professional, or revenue-generating position or capacity within the company;
  • in a decision-making or decision-influencing position; or
  • otherwise participating at a professional level in a qualified field of commercial real estate.

Membership Levels

Membership Levels