2014 AGM Highlights

Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014

On October 28th CREW Calgary held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). With the Board of Directors commitment to strengthen the governance of the organization, this year’s AGM focussed more on the business of the organization, with an opportunity to informally network with fellow CREW Calgary colleagues before and after the formal meeting. There were 30 members in attendance and 17 members who provided proxies assigning their voting power. In other words, 42 of CREW Calgary’s 70 active members participated in the business of the organization.  

Following approval of the minutes of last year’s AGM, Eve Renaud presented her President’s Report. It summarized the many successes that CREW Calgary achieved in 2014. It was great to have Eve’s participation at the AGM, as recently she has been focussed on and enjoying motherhood following the birth of her twin girls in August. 

The Platinum Sponsors for 2014 were given a opportunity to make a few comments at the AGM. Danielle Chabot of Altus Group, Tara Steell of Brookfield Residential and Gillian Lawrence of Remington Development Corporation spoke briefly about their respective companies and the support – both in time and money – that each company has provided to CREW Calgary.  The Gold Sponsors – DREAM (formerly Dundee) and Manulife were also acknowledged. 

Certified Management Accountant, Rustam Kassam, is CREW Calgary’s Auditor and he was in attendance to the present 2013 Audited Financial Statements. He provided a brief overview of the status of CREW Calgary’s financial position which is very solid. He complimented the Board of Directors for its due diligence and Victoria Saville, our Treasurer, for her sound financial reporting. The 2013 Audit Financial Statement was approved by the membership and Rustam Kassam was confirmed as CREW Calgary’s Auditor for the 2014. 

Next Eve Renaud presented the slate of nominees for the 2015 Board of Directors and the membership voted to approve the slate. Congratulations to the 2015 Board of Directors - Eve Renaud (Past President), Gillian Lawrence (President), Tara Steell (President Elect), Alanna Remington (Secretary), Victoria Saville (Treasurer), Caroline Abougoush (Director), Natalie Allen (Director), Debbie Cale (Director), Emily Martinson (Director).

Following the approval by the 2015 Board, Eve Renaud then announced the 2015 Committee Chairs: Karen Price and Lori Suba, Membership Committee Co-chairs; Shauna McIntosh and Gillian Selby, Events Committee Co-chairs; Danielle Chabot and Melissa Talbot, Golf Committee Co-chairs; Melanie Ross, Marketing Committee Chair; and Carla Barney, Sponsorship Committee Chair. Just as the new Board of Directors and Committee Chairs were identified and congratulated, all the 2014 volunteers at the Board and Committee levels were acknowledged and congratulated for the efforts. It takes many active members to make CREW Calgary operates successfully! 

The AGM then turned to its special business which was the adoption of the Amended By-laws for the CREW Calgary. A special resolution to approve the Amended By-laws as recommended by the Board of Directors was to approved by the membership in compliance with the requirements of the Alberta Societies Act. Alisha Figley of Dentons Canada LLP was thanked for the pro bono work she did in drafting the Amended By-laws with the input of the Board of Directors. The amended By-laws are easier to understand and will be a useful tool in governing the business of CREW Calgary.  

Unfortunately, Cheryl Hardt, our CREW Network Board Liaison had to cancel her trip to Calgary at the last minute due to a family matter. As Cheryl Hardt will retire from the CREW Network Board at the end of 2014, the CREW Calgary Board work on having our new CREW Network Board Liaison come to Calgary for a chapter visit in 2015. Gillian Lawrence highlighted the benefits of CREW Network including CREW Biz, the CREW Playbooks, Board hosted calls, speaking and writing opportunities, Leadership Summits , scholarships, and industry research. Gillian Lawrence noted that the CREW Network Convention is in Seattle in 2015 from September 30th to October 3rd. As it is close to home, she encouraged CREW Calgary members to attend.

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