'Unconscious Bias' Event Recap

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018

CREW hosted the highly anticipated 'Unconscious Bias' event at Hotel Arts on March 29th, and despite a chilly day, members and guests alike turned out in droves to hear about the fascinating topic. At over 100 people, this was our chapters largest event in recent memory!

Led by the engaging Roché Herbst, we were guided through the myriad of ways each person is subconsciously (and consciously) influenced throughout their lives, leading to the development of social biases that can have negative impacts on personal and professional relationships.

A diverse group of panelists shared their experiences with unconscious bias in their professional lives, and offered insight and strategies of mitigating bias in the workplace. While an important and serious topic, they answered questions with honesty and a touch of humour that made it a memorable afternoon.

As always, it was an excellent networking opportunity for our members, who had a lovely meeting space to discuss the topic at length with their peers following the event. Thank you to all our participants and sponsors who made this spectacular event possible!