Board Member Spotlight: Christy Thompson

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021

christy thompson headshot

Christy is a manufacturers’ representative for Haworth a privately held, global expertise and design led contract furniture manufacturer.  Christy is driven by creativity and design, fueled by people and spaces. Passionate about aligning workplace strategy to brand, culture and uniqueness for each client.  Her position provides her with the opportunity to interact and work with colleagues in the broader real estate field, including brokers, property managers, project managers, general contractors, architects and interior designers. In her role Christy is required to have a deep understanding of all roles in the commercial real estate world so that she can best support her clients to solve problems and meet their needs.  In Christys words ‘CREW has provided me with a far more expansive network and the opportunity to create new working relationships and many more friendships.’

1. What do you enjoy most about working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry? 

It is ever changing.  I believe Calgary has one of the most challenging economies in North America, it is a constant rollercoaster of change.  This provides so many opportunities, when the economy shrinks there are always start up companies because our entrepreneur spirit is so present in this city.

2. How has CREW brought value to your career ?

My network.  The network that I have developed through CREW I could never have done on my own to the degree that I have.  The relationships have empowered me to expand my knowledge base and develop my continuing education muscles through convention and leadership.

3. What are three reasons you would encourage a colleague to join CREW?

Network, Friendship, Growth

CREW’s Mission & Vision statement resonated strongly with me. It was, and remains, exactly the missing piece in my day to day career. I was especially excited to discover how much alignment there is with my existing beliefs and values. To promote and support the advancement of women as leaders, to fostering networking and professional development and the achievements of women.  A resounding YES!  Not only does CREW support your career and business but through it all deep friendships are developed through mutual values and encouragement.

4. How are you positively adapting to the work-from-home and work/life challenges presented by COVID-19 measures?

Positively? Well, lets think about that one.  I don’t know that I enjoy working from home as my role in my career has been business development and I am very relationship driven however, I have strengthened my tech skills.  Learning new ways of working is always a positive and now I can Zoom, Microsoft Teams and google meet with ease, both as a participant and as a presenter.  

5. Share an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?

During my University days, I was a tour guide through the Canadian Rockies for Princess Cruise lines.  I would pick people up from the Princess Alaskan Cruise Ships in Vancouver and take them on a 5-7 day tour of the Canadian Rockies to Calgary.  I loved it.  It combined my two favorite things, people & the mountains.