Co-Chair Member Spotlight: Michelle Le

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021

Michelle Le HS

Michelle Le, ALS, P.Eng., PMP, is the co-chair on the CREW Sponsorship Committee. Michelle is an Alberta Land Surveyor and Project Manager in the Geomatics Survey Department at IBI Group. Her main area of practice is land development in the municipal sector with projects relating to commercial and residential Real Property Reports, Subdivision, Utility Right of Way, Condominium, and construction layout.  She project manages the staff to ensure resource availability and timely deliverables. She is also responsible for ensuring accurate field data, quality control on final drafts, and deals with applications to applicable municipalities. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills allow Michelle to provide quality design and efficient solutions.

1. What do you enjoy most about working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry? 

It’s a large industry with many levels of complexities. The overall goal can generally be the same but there are so many different approaches. Finding the right approach for different projects is both challenging and rewarding.

2. How has CREW brought value to your career?

CREW has brought me a wider range of friendship and a network that I can relate to. I think everyone feels this way when they get involved. With CREW, it’s not just an association to put on your resume but a group of people who are there to support you. I think I got most involved after becoming part of the Sponsorship Committee. Being part of committee allowed me to really get to know some of the members and build a connection. We have fun and motivate each other to always do better. Nothing is impossible. 

3. What are three reasons you would encourage a colleague to join CREW?

  • Great networking opportunities at the various events which provides exposure not only to your company but also to you as a person,
  • A way to not only make acquaintances but actually make new friends, and
  • Having fun with work with a glass of wine

4. How are you positively adapting to the work-from-home and work/life challenges presented by COVID-19 measures?

Working from home has been a real struggle for me. Finding that balance was challenging at first because my home was my work. However, once everyone got use to the new environment and was just respectful of each other, that has helped greatly. The beautiful weather also allowed me to get out and enjoy time outside the home.

5. Share an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?

I love travelling. We still got a chance to go to Vancouver for short trips, but we love going anywhere for great food. Japan has been our favorite, but we’ve gone to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Mexico. We definitely want to go back to Japan again once travelling is allowed but Korean, Singapore, and Taiwan are all places I would want to visit someday.