CREW Foundation Chapter Challenge

Monday, Jan 18, 2021

As we look forward to a healthy and successful 2021, we do so with gratitude, and we applaud our members for their contributions to CREW Foundation in 2020 despite the challenges we all faced.

We would also like to congratulate JoAnne Young for winning the wine draw which commenced on November 1, 2020. Also, a special thanks to Gillian Lawrence and Sue Paton for donating the wine.

Many of us are now renewing our CREW memberships, so we encourage you to make a personally meaningful and manageable donation to CREW Network Foundation. The Foundation’s suggested minimum is $20.00 USD or $25.00 CAD, but every dollar counts and goes to an important cause.  It is easy to donate when you renew your membership, or you may click this link to be taken to the donation page.

CREW Calgary has met the Chapter Challenge (aka “The Trifecta”) for three years in a row and we endeavour to keep this momentum going.  The challenge/trifecta includes:

  • A chapter donation of at least $1,000
  • 100% of chapter board giving an individual donation
  • 50% of chapter membership giving an individual donation (This is the toughest part of the challenge and we need your help to achieve it!)

CREW Foundation supports:

  • Post-Secondary Scholarships for young women pursuing education that will lead to careers in commercial real estate. In the last three years, the Calgary area has been fortunate to have 5 CREW Network Scholars and the 2021 scholarship application process is now open:
  • CREW Careers and UCREW which are programs to promote careers in commercial real estate
  • Industry research which is produced annually.  Be sure to check out the 2020 Benchmark study and other research papers

To find out more about the CREW Network Foundation click HERE