New Member Spotlight - Meet Anna Sorensen

Thursday, Apr 28, 2022

Anna Sorensen


CREW Calgary is excited to highlight another new member Anna Sorensen. Anna grew up in Edmonton and moved to Calgary after completing university in 2013. She graduated from Western University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. She began working in the oil and gas industry for 4 years prior to making her a transition to commercial real estate, eager to work in a more dynamic and social environment. Anna started with the Avison Young Suburban Office team in October 2016, and she continues her work in this field today. At the beginning of 2021, Anna became an independent broker, focusing on Office Leasing and Sales in the Beltline and Suburban neighborhoods in Calgary.

  1. As a new member, what drew you to join the CREW network, and can you share a few things you are looking to gain as being of belonging to this organization?

I am excited to be a part of the CREW Calgary Chapter, I heard great things about it from other female brokers in the industry. Through the pandemic, I missed being a part of industry events, so I am excited about attending networking events and socializing. I have found networking to be super important and I love connecting with new people. Also, with commercial real estate being a very male dominated industry, I thought it would be fun and rewarding to connect with CREW members and female mentors.

2.If you were asked to provide advice on how to build a successful career or achieve a challenging professional work goal, what would it be?

If you have a vision for your future and your success, my advice is don’t wait, don’t think you are not experienced enough, or not good enough. It is so important to be confident and tackle your goals. Also, thinking positively is important. You must think you are worthy of your success, if you believe you can do it and you can work hard, you should go after what you want right away. It is also important to continuously work on yourself, develop skills, and improve weaknesses. Always try to better yourself. And, if you are not constantly learning, you can be left behind.

 3. Outside of your career, tell us about some of your hobbies/passions and what advice do you have for maintaining a good work/life balance?

I am very passionate about physical activity, most of my hobbies and passion are related to it. I enjoy skiing and snowboarding, biking, playing tennis, skating. Basically, anything active outside with friends or alone. I have always been involved in sports throughout my whole life and I find keeping active on a regular basis keeps my mind strong and body healthy which is crucial for me to succeed. I am very social with family and friends and enjoying connecting with them through outdoor activities.

4. Do you have any book or podcast recommendations?

I enjoy listing to Unlocking Us by Brene Brown. In her podcast, Brene discusses and specializes on topics like shame, empathy, courage, and vulnerability. She talks about how humans are hardwired with strong connections and how valuable these connections are. You can benefit from your personal lives and at work if you give this podcast a listen.