Member Spotlight - Debbie Cale

Monday, Dec 18, 2017

Debbie Cale - Property Manager with Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services (formerly 20 VIC Management Inc.) 


CREW Member Debbie Cale gave us a glimpse into her busy day, allowing us to ask her a few questions. . . 

What is a typical day like for you?

There is no typical day, which is what I like most about my career choice. I have the opportunity to touch several aspects of property management from lease negotiating, finance, building operations, construction, tenant /client relations, implementation of processes and/or learning new programs. While I do not consider myself a master of any of these disciplines, I have the opportunity and confidence to speak to these items intelligently by utilizing my past experience and reaching out to an array of resources.

Some of my most valuable resources are the great people I have met though my CREW connections. I have been a member of CREW for 10+ years. I have served on the board, on event and golf committees, and attended two national crew conventions in Dallas and Miami as well as one leadership summit in Cincinnati. It is very common to find at least one (if not more!) past or present CREW members in attendance while at business events or seminars, which always makes the experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. I value the relationships I have made and continue to foster through CREW.

If we were making a movie of your life, who would be your first choice to play you?

If someone was to play me in movie I think a good person would be Diane Lane.  Diane Lane has been an actress for some time in many different roles, some really good, some she would rather forget. She is very good at her craft, she is able to make statement in number of her roles without having to steal the show. She is a star but not too flashy!

Thanks for sharing with us, Debbie!